To launch a multi-channel business these days, a company, a person usually takes a lot of effort to increase their sales channels and manage their business effectively. Comes with that is the employee and operating costs to be able to optimize the sales channels. However, with the current development of the IT industry, sellers can streamline many stages to manage multi-channel sales effectively and save a lot of effort and manpower by management through software. Omisell is developed with the aim of becoming one of the best multi-channel business management platforms for sellers in South East Asia by minimizing multi-channel business with only one platform.

Why you must use multi-channel management platform?

When you start multi-channel sales, you will obviously face to the difficulty of synchronizing product inventory in real time across all channels as well as the overload in tracking bills of lading from multiple channel. To manage your work effectively, you will usually need to allocate separate management staff for each channel to avoid errors and confusion that cause unnecessary loss. However, with the use of multi-channel sales management platform, you can control the complicated sales tracking work. Plus, you can save employee costs. Here are the reasons why you should use omnichannel sales management platform now:

  • Manage business quickly and efficiently

  • Synchronize information between warehouses and sales channels quickly and accurately

  • Manage information about import, export, return orders, ..

  • Aggregate order information, bill of lading tracking from channels
  • Report with chart makes it easy to evaluate sales performance

  • Managing employee performance more easily

  • Manage more detailed customer information: customer code, debt, gender, phone number, address, …

  • Connect with many delivery partners to make the bill of lading on multi-channel smoothly on just one management platform

  • Unified online and offline store management

  • Multi-channel connection, you just have to manage only one warehouse

The role of Omisell in managing your business:

Omisell connects with other providers of management services such as delivery, e-wallets, software, financial management, debt control to complete multi-channel business management solution for sellers. Thereby, sellers only need to connect information about their stores to the system, update products and warehouses, connect shipping, post for sale, manage bills of lading and manage their own finances only on Omisell platform.

Features when using Omisell

1. Track multi-channel sales on one platform

On Omisell, it is possible to connect sales from popular sales channels in Vietnam market such as sales platforms (Haravan, KiotViet, Sapo, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento), e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Zalo, Sendo, ..), and linked both traditional shops and social media(Facebook, Instagram).

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2. Real-time multi-channel inventory management

Omisell allows you to synchronize inventory of all your sales channels for management on a single platform that simplifies your inventory management and storage.

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3. Manage product listings on multiple channels

Not only supporting multi-channel sales management, Omisell also helps you manage your multi-industry sales easily with diversified product management and data connection for listing on multiple online stores to help you check control your business more easily.

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4. Manage orders and shipments from multiple channels

As mentioned above, Omisell has integrated connection with major carriers in Vietnam such as DHL, VNPost, Viettel, Economy Delivery, Fast Delivery,… so that you can easily push the shipping information. orders from sales platforms and from traditional retail stores or on social networks to make delivery to customers fast as well as easy to track delivery status to solve problems in a timely manner.

Sync and manage order

Tracking management

5. Cash flow management

With the integration of cashbook, payment reconciliation and electronic payment wallets on the Omisell, you can completely control your cash flow in and out of the system. To do this you need to install and update information on your orders, payment gateways, taxes and receipts in the account configuration settings and in the integrated applications.

Configure your account

Integrate applications

Billing and Pricing

6. Supporting the evaluation of sales personnel

With the Telesales application, Omisell helps you better in monitoring and evaluating your Telesales personnel so that there are rewarding policies and training programs accordingly.

How to use Telesales application

Above are 6 main features that Omisell can help manage your business. Hopefully, with these 6 features, you will be able to support your multi-channel business simply and easily. If you’re ready to give Omisell a try for your business, you can sign up for a trial for Omisell right here!

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