Core Features of Omisell

Core FeaturesIntegrated Applications

  • BoostShopee
  • The BoostShopee application allows you to set up a schedule for products to be pushed to the top of Shopee’s catalog page, increasing sales. You will not need to go to Shopee to manually push the product with this application; it will be set up totally automatically.

  • See more: Instructions on how to set-up BoostShopee
  • DMS (Applied ONLY for Enterprise Package or above)
  • Manage your distribution channel, supplier across the sales network. Saving shipping costs, effectively digitizing and measuring each distributor makes it easy to come up with the right sales policy from time to time.

  • See more: Instructions on how to set-up and use DMS app

Latest Updates

  • Omisell Updates August-2021
  • In this August, Omisell updated with the following features: Update the Combo creation part Update Application to create Promotion/Flash Sale Add part to create Email, SMS for customer care

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates July-2021
  • The Promotion/Flash Sales application will help you create Flash Sale programs – discounts in certain time frames

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates May-2021
  • In May, Omisell improved its bulk publish feature to assist consumers save time when selling products.

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates April-2021
  • In April, the Omisell system updated the feature of synchronizing products and orders from Botlive.

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates March-2021
  • In March, Omisell added two more major applications, KiotViet Sync and QuickSync, to make it easier for users to synchronize products and orders between these two platforms.

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates February-2021
  • In February, Omisell upgraded a number of applications to help manage distributors and applications to help chat from a variety of channels.

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates January-2021
  • In January, Omisell upgraded a number of applications to help Omisell users boost sales on e-commerce platforms.

  • See details
  • Omisell Updates December-2020
  • In December, Omisell has updated with some advanced warehouse management features to make multi-channel warehouse management more effective, along with additional customer care call center applications and complete overall reports.

  • See detail
  • Omisell Updates November-2020
  • In November, the Omisell system updated a number of features to help sync stores on Shopify, Botbanhang, Pancake, .. to synchronize with Omisell and add tools to help optimize orders management.

  • See detail
  • Omisell Updates October-2020
  • In October, Omisell has updated with a variety of new capabilities to give organizations more options for connecting and synchronizing data from sales channels and sales-supporting applications including Cash Book, Payment Reconciliation…

  • See details
  • Omisell officially launched a Beta version
  • Omisell system launches Beta version with main features such as Connecting sales channels, Connecting carriers, ..

  • See detail

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to connect to a carrier?

Connecting a carrier to Omisell allows you to create orders straight from Omisell and control them swiftly and accurately. See details here.

How can I manage returns on the system?

Customers’ return orders on e-commerce platforms will be immediately recorded in Omisell’s “Returns orders” section. Manual updating is required for return orders from sales channels other than exchanges.

To be able to manage this type of return order on the Omisell, you need to install the Return Handling application. See details here.

Why do I sync my products to my social media channels, but I don’t show them on sale channels?

The action of synchronizing products on the social/retail sales channel is just a declaration to the Omisell system to manage orders and products. This action is not meant to post products on the sale channel!

I have synced products to Omisell but my inventory was unchanged

You access the item Inventory -> Adjust inventory -> Select warehouse -> Add/order products. See details here.

I changed the selling price on Shopee but the selling price on Omisell did not change

Please sync the product again from the shop, then go to Catalogue -> Shop is selling to check the price. If not, please ask a question here for support.

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