What is Mincode Tiki?

Mincode is a type of barcode printed from the vendor system. This barcode will be used to paste on the product because the Tiki delivery requires a code. Barcodes are blurred. Or if you paste it incorrectly, it will be returned. So when importing goods to Tiki warehouse, you need to print the Mincode to paste on the goods according to the standards.


  • Mincode according to SKU is printed from Seller Center Tiki system provided.
  • The ink for the code must be black and the information on the code should be clarified.
  • It is recommended to use paper that adheres to the ink and does not bleed.
  • Mincode barcodes need to be pasted on each product.
  • The code must be affixed separately and not with the consignment note.
  • Use a layer of clear tape to paste the bass on the Mincode to prevent information from being blurred.

Mincode printing operations Tiki

To print Mincode in accordance with Tiki’s regulations, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Seller Center Tiki account

Step 2: Select the Inventory management section at the left corner of the screen -> Goods receipt.

Step 3: Select more products to add to the inventory.

Step 4: After successfully adding, select Details to view the consignment note.

Step 5: Select Print Mincode product list and paste it in your product and you’re done.