A reasonable sales strategy always makes a difference and is optimal when you sell online. When preparing to launch a new product, you need to keep in mind the steps to take to maximize sales, reduce inventory, and increase the likelihood of success.

  • Post products for sale first & do writing articles to capture search keywords compared to competitors.
  • Post products for sale in advance to handle problems arising when you sell on the e-commerce platform (Products need to be approved, additional documents if any …), avoid arising problems affecting the product launch schedule new.
  • Post products for sale in advance to receive pre-orders

So how can you post new products for sale on connected sales channels?

  • You can view the product listing instructions here
  • Update additional stock (Additional stock) to receive pre-orders if you can ensure the delivery time and order processing as committed according to the sales channel.

Because each resale channel has different sales policies, you can set different selling prices across channels to suit the level of competition and profit. Omisell can help you update different prices on these channels with just one simple step.