What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online shopping website. Here, sellers can easily create for themselves an online sales website with all the features such as product listing, shopping cart, payment, products management and social networking …

However, Shopify in Vietnam in particular, and Southeast Asia, in general, is not a popular channel because of many limitations such as connecting with domestic service providers or connecting to other sales channels other than the website ( Shopee, Lazada, POS stores, …), although Shopify has made a lot of progress in localization like the recent Vietnamese version.

Omisell is currently a pioneer in connecting with Shopify across Southeast Asia to solve these problems, making it no longer difficult for Shopify sellers to take advantage of the benefits of Shopify selling in this area.

How does connecting Omisell with Shopify help omnichannel sellers?

Connecting Shopify with Omisell helps sellers manage inventory, bill of lading automatically to domestic carriers when selling on Shopify. With features from basic to advanced, products will be available for sale from Omisell to Shopify and vice versa. Orders arising from Shopify will also be synchronized with customer information, bill of lading code, shipping, … to Omisell for easier operation.

Here are Omisell’s feature for Shopify merchants connecting to Omisell:

  • Listing products from Shopify to other channels and vice versa (for example, if you have another website channel to convert to Shopify, just in a few simple steps, your product will be posted to Shopify immediately. ). In addition, you can list products from Shopify to all other channels.
  • Automatic inventory synchronization between channels (sold in this channel, except automatic inventory and general update to Omisell).
  • Automatically update address according to customer input information. This is the current most inadequate part of Shopify in the region because the Shopify checkout form does not allow buyers to choose specific addresses. Omisell automatically identifies the addresses that buyers fill on this form while the bill of lading helps to reduce the user’s effort when it goes to the carrier.
  • Create automatic bills of lading orders to custom carriers by region, …

In addition, there are many other features of Omisell that users can take advantage of to sell, especially for better omnichannel sales.

How to connect Omisell to Shopify?

To connect and sync orders between Shopify and Omisell for centralized management, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect Shopify shop to Omisell

Before connecting to Shopify, you should note that the Omisell registration email must match the Shopify account registration email.

Option 1: Connect from Omissell

Step 1: Select My Store => Shopping Platform then click Shopify

Step 2: Fill required information and click Connect

Option 2: Connect from Shopify

To connect Omisell to Shopify from Shopify, please watch the detailed instruction video below:

Step 2: Synchronize products from Shopify / Sell products from Omisell to Shopify

With the connection of Omisell and Shopify completed, you can now sell on Shopify and many other sales channels, centrally manage orders from multi-channels on a single Omisell system fast and easy.