1. Personal information settings

After logging in to Omisell, you need to set up personal information to be able to use the features on the system.

Go to Settings in the lower-left corner of the screen -> Profile -> Fill in personal information in the blank box.

2. Set pickup address

Set the pickup address so that the shipping unit can determine the storage location of the product. In addition to setting the pickup address here, when connecting the shops, the Omisell system will also automatically synchronize the pickup address installed at those shops to add to the selection of the pickup address when an order has arisen.

To set this up, Select Settings, and then select the Pick-up address.
Select “Add New” and fill in the required information to add your warehouse address

In addition to setting warehouse addresses, in this pickup address setting, you can setup priority pickup. This is a feature that helps sellers to prioritize their warehouse selection in cases of on demand delivery.
To set up priority pickup, in the Pickup address >> Setup priority pickup.

In the newly opened window, select the province and district where the warehouse you want to prioritize.

Then select Add warehouse >> Select the warehouse you want to prioritize when having on demand delivery

After selecting the warehouse you want to prioritize, in the next step you can turn on the priority warehouse for on demand delivery and arrange warehouse' priority position or delete warehouse.

3. Set up payment provider

A payment gateway is a payment intermediary service between buyers, sellers, and banks. In each payment transaction, online & offline purchase, the buyer can use his bank account to pay for his bill and the payment gateway settings to support this.

After setting up your Pickup address, you need to set up a Payment Provider.

You click on Settings -> Payment provider

Here, Omisell provides 3 payment gateways: Vimo, mPOS and Ngan Luong.

Connect to Vimo

Click on Vimo icon (Add this provider), fill in the Merchant ID, Key checksum, Key encode, decode data.

Connect to Ngan Luong

Click on Ngan Luong icon (Add this provider), fill in the Merchant ID, Receiver email, Marchant password.

Connect to mPOS

Click on mPOS icon (Add this provider), fill in the Merchant ID.

4. Carriers and Shipping

Connecting the carrier to the Omisell system will help

  • Create orders directly from Omisell through the system of the shipping unit
  • Synchronized system, easier to manage
  • Control orders quickly and accurately

See detailed instructions in the article Connect to Shipping Carriers

5. Printing Settings

To set up the Bill of Lading Print Configuration, go to Settings -> Printing Settings

Here you have the setting options: Bill of lading size printing, Invoice printing information configuration, Shipping slip template

Bill of lading code printing size

The usual size of e-commerce floors is 10x15cm, equivalent to 4×6 inches in the Omisell system.
3×5 inch print configuration in Omisell system equivalent to A7. print size

For convenience in the process of printing and labeling regular bills of lading, it is recommended to choose a print size of 4×6 inches, use a type of bill of lading printer for e-commerce platforms and choose a 10x15cm roll order printing paper with adhesive available.

Configure invoice printing information

In the Print settings, select Edit Template to edit Shipping Label

– The information in {{ … }} will be the information automatically retrieved from the Omisell system. You should not change this information to ensure there are no problems when delivering to the carrier
– The information you should change is Logo, Note and Delivery Instructions.

6. Unit Settings

This is the unit configuration setting that helps users identify the units of the product in Omisell (piece, package, piece, set …)

To set product measurement unit information go to Settings -> Unit Settings -> Add New to add product units. Status option to enable.

7. Taxes Settings

This section applies to retail sales channels only. Installing a lease for a retail store helps you more clearly manage your cash flow and financial situation in the most detail.

To set up taxes, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Select Tax Settings
Step 3: Select Add New
Step 4: In the new window that opens, fill in your tax information:
Tax Name: The name of the tax you must pay. For example License tax, VAT,…
Tax code: Your tax code
Tax value: Calculated as a percentage of the product’s selling price

Step 5: After entering the tax information, select “Create New”
Step 6: The tax item you just added will appear in the list below, here you need to install more shops for the newly added tax item.

8. Box Dimension

Packing box size settings make it easier for your operators to choose when handling goods. In addition, weight and product charges can be controlled.

To set the product packaging box size, go to Settings >> Box Dimension >> Add New.

9. Staff Management

With a seller with many employees in each role, you will need to add that employee to the Omisell system to delegate usage rights to your employees.

To assign rights to use Omisell for your employees, follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Select Staff Management
Step 3: Select Add New
Step 4: In the newly opened window, enter the employee’s email address, phone number and delegate authority in Omisell to the employee in the fields.

Step 5: After filling in employee information, select Add. The window will display a message that the invitation to the employee has been successfully sent as shown below. Employees need to enter the authorized email to the confirmation email and click on the link sent to reset the password to log in to the Omisell.

Note: When the employee receives the confirmation email, there will be 2 cases:

  • Employees who have not registered Omisell account: The system will ask the employee to enter a new password to create an Omisell account for the employee.
  • Employees already have an account on Omisell: The system will ask the employee to enter the login password to complete.

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