After you have installed Advanced Inventory, the next thing to do is set-up Advanced Inventory to start shop-based inventory allocation. This will ensure the amount of inventory will be real-time synced and when participating in promotional campaigns on the platform.

Option 1: Add product one-by-one

Step 1: Go to “Advanced Inventory” app -> “Setting advanced inventory”

Step 2: Select the warehouse, products in stock that you want to participate in the promotion, set-up the time of promotion and allocate to the shops as shown below.

Finally, click “Save” to finish, then here is the result.

Option 2: Add multiple products

You can add more products by import file

Step 1: Click “Import file”

Step 2: Download file from Omisell then fill in product information form -> “Upload File”

Form information:

You can check product SKU in “Inventory -> All product”, Store Code in “My Store”

After uploading file on to Omisell, here is the screen:

Finally, click “Save” to finish upload. Then, click “Save” again to create advanced inventory.

Here is the result: