This application helps you to manage shipments. It also aids you to control and create shipments for refunded or unsuccessful deliveries.

1. Install the Return Handling application

To be able to use the app, you need to go to “Browse app”, select “Return Handling” app to install, follow the instruction here

Application Management

Add user to the application

Step 1: Go to “Browse app”
Step 2: Select the “Return Handling” app. Here, you can see the status chart arranged by colors. This status management chart aims to help you be able to read reports about refunds and unsuccessful deliveries of the app quickly and easily.
Step 3: Click “Setting” → “User management”
Step 4: You can add staff email to authorize them to view and track in-app unsuccessful deliveries and refunds by clicking “Add user”. On the new window, enter staff email to authorize them >> Then click “Add user”. When you see the employee and the store name added are displayed in the list, the update was successful.

In case the employee you want to add to the app is not in the system, you need to add the staff to the employee list according to this instruction.

Remove user rights in the app:

To stop giving permission to an email in the app, you just need to click the three vertical dots at the end of the email that you want to stop giving permission and click “Delete”

Track the status of refund orders

In the app, select “Return inbound”, you will keep track of the list of refund orders for cross-checking management. To cross-check manage your refund orders, see Manage refund orders.

Track the status of unsuccessful deliveries

In the app, select “Return handling”, you will keep track of the list of unsuccessful delivery orders.