After the product has been added to the stock, you need to publish product to store.

To publish products to stores, you follow this steps:

Step 1: To publish products, select Inventory >> All products to select the products you want to publish products. Select All product in Inventory, choose products to publish

Step 2: Click on Bulk Action

Step 3: Select Publish Products

Step 4: In the newly opened window, select the shops you want to publish products or select all if you want to publish products on all shops.

Step 5: Click Import product. After this step, the selected products will be published to the sales channels and the list of sales channels of the product will be displayed in the Shop in the All Products.

In some special cases, products with missing or inadequate information for publishing at some shops will not be able to publish multiple products. You need to follow the instructions on How to List/Publish Your Products? to update product information and then publish products.

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