POS is an app that helps to manage sales in retail stores. The app also helps to manage revenue and the amount of goods sold daily.

1. POS App Installation

To use the POS app, go to “Browse app”, install “POS” app following this instruction.

2. Add staff to the POS app

Step 1: Go to “Browse app”
Step 2: Search for “POS” app and click Detail
Step 3: Click “Add staff”

Step 4: On the new window, enter the staff email address and the name of the shop that the staff is responsible for.

Step 5: Select “Add” to add staff. When you see the name of the staff and shop are displayed on the list, it means that it has successfully been added.


  • In cases where the staff that you want to add to the app is not in the system, you need to follow this instruction.
  • In cases where the retail shop is not in Omisell system, you need to link that retail shop following this instruction.

3. How to create orders in the POS app

Step 1: Go to “APP++” >> “POS” >> “ Go to POS” or search pos.omisell.com on the web browser

Step 2: On the new site, click “Settings” on the top right corner of the window


Step 3: On the new window, select “Shop” >> Choose a shop >> select “Update”. Lastly, click “Sales page” on the top right corner of the screen to return to the order creation page.


Step 4: At order creation page in POS:


4.1 Enter the product code in the search bar (Shortcut key: F3)
4.2 Enter the product quantity
4.3 Enter customer information (name, phone number, address)
4.4 Choose the method on how the customer will receive the product ( Tick “Ship to place” when shipping)
4.5 Enter the discount amount ( with % or with the amount of cash – if applicable)


4.6 Payment section (Shortcut key: F7)

  • Choose the amount the customer pays
  • Select payment method: Cash or card (payment via mPOS payment gateway according to instruction 4 below)
  • Select “Update” to complete this.

4.7 Click “Confirm order (F8)” to complete order creation. In cases where you are using card payment, follow the next step in instruction 4 below.

4. How to use mPOS payment gateway with POS app

Install mPOS payment gateway on Omisell

After the app had been installed, go to “Payment provider” >> select “mPOS” and enter Merchant id then click “Activate Payment”.

Next, install mPOS app to mobile >> Select “Bluetooth Reader (PR-02)


Start mPOS, enter your id, and pass (provided by mPOS) to connect on your phone.


Payment via a card with mPOS payment gateway

After confirming order – the last step when creating an order on POS app, go to mPOS app on mobile then select “POS payment”


Enter POS code (this code is at the top right corner of pos.omisell.com window)


mPOS app will automatically get the order code on pos.omisell.com for payment.


This is the payment waiting for the screen on mPOS app on mobile


You will need to confirm the payment with this notification


Waiting screen for payment by mPOS payment gateway on Omisell


Confirmed that the transaction is completed.


5. Search orders from POS app

To search for created orders in the POS app, you need to go to the “Orders” search.

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