The Conciliation Payment app helps you track the status of your orders to compare with carriers and e-commerce platforms.

To use the Conciliation Payment in Omisell, select Applications >> Conciliation Payment

After successful installation, select Details.

In the newly window, select Orders delivered to view a list of orders.

At the order list, there will be a list of orders divided into 3 categories: All, Waiting for cross-check, and Settlement.

Based on these orders that need to be checked, we can perform the following actions to review:

At this interface, you can view the pending orders from the sales platforms and carriers.

Approving cross-check

Step 1: Select Import by Excel

Step 2: Select Delivery partner and Browser a file and click Import file

Column "#": number of orders
Order Code : Enter the approved order code in the list of orders to be approved and verified
Bill of lading : Enter the bill of lading code of the order that needs to be approved and verified
COD actually received: COD amount of the order actually received. In case the order does not incur a COD fee, enter 0
Payment method : enter the form of payment in cash (cash) or transfer (transfer)
Account Number: Enter the account number to receive payment (if paying by bank transfer)
Reconciliation Time: Fill in the time of reconciliation for easy lookup

Step 3: After importing excel file, click on Start Cross-check

Step 4: After the cross-check is successful, select OK to complete.