When selling online, you cannot avoid the case of missing a few products/lack of quantity of an order. To complete these orders, you have the following options:

1. Contact buyer to cancel part/full order

2. Collect goods from multiple stores/warehouses into one place to fulfill orders

3. Contact the buyer to replace the missing product with another product/model.

4. Contact the buyer to deliver a partial order and deliver the remaining part later.

The above options can be easily implemented with Omisell without affecting the delivery commitment with o e-commerce platforms or forgetting to fulfill the remaining of the order.

Case 1: You can select the products you want to cancel and click on the cancel order function. This method only applies to retail and social media sales channels, and for other sales channels, deleting products in this order will not be updated to the sales channel.

Step 1: Select Orders >> All orders >> 3 dot button >> Edit items

Step 2: Choose the products want to delete and click Cancel

Case 2: You just need to select the edit product function and replace the exhausted product by another product.

The method is similar to Step 1 in case 1, select another product at the product name to replace the order.

Case 3: You can exchange the warehouse for the missing product to a stocked warehouse to fulfill this order. Note that some platforms do not allow this.

Case 4: You can select ready products to create a shipment and fulfill your order first. The remaining products can perform to create shipment after the goods are in stock.

This function helps sellers handle 2 problems when selling:

Helping sellers with multiple warehouses easily switch pickup addresses between warehouses to get enough products in customers' orders.

Easily split orders to avoid packing too much weight, shipping size of the delivery unit when customers buy many products in one order.

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