Launched in SEA for 6 years, Shopee has risen to the top 1 position in terms of user visits and made all competitors wary.To date, Shopee has been present in 7 Asian countries, aiming to be the number 1 e-commerce platform developed on mobile devices. Shopee offers Global Sales programs to support sellers with the opportunity to put their goods on sale on Shopee platforms.

Expand the market


Shopee International Project (SIP) helps sellers expand their business, increase sales opportunities without incurring international shipping fees. Customer care issues Shopee team will support sellers. The program only applies to Sellers who receive a notification (at Notifications > Shopee Update).

Currently the program is being applied to Shopee in Malaysia and is only available to sellers with a business license.

What are the precautions?

Sellers must follow the rules for listing on the Shopee Domestic and Shopee International platforms. The resulting order will be handled through the seller channel. Fees and penalties are the same as they are for domestic orders. In terms of customer service, Shopee will be the 3rd party representing the flow of information between customers and sellers for international purchases.

A special feature is that the seller still uses a sales account at your Domestic Shopee and processes orders on the Seller Channel like domestic orders. Delivery time for the shipping unit is 1.5 days (Excluding Sunday and Public Holiday).

When participating in the Global Selling program (SIP), sellers do not need to write product descriptions in English or foreign languages, Shopee system will automatically translate product information (name, description, classification, etc.) from your language into the language of that Country.

About pricing:

The price paid by international buyers = Seller’s price set at your Domestic Shopee + Surcharge for international goods (transportation, storage, delivery, …)

As such, the Buyer is responsible for paying the International shipping surcharge and the seller will receive the corresponding sales price at your Domestic Shopee(after deducting fees).

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