Currently, there are many sellers who are combining online business with traditional models to maximize profits. However, how to manage inventory, orders and invoices of sales channels centrally? Especially, for sellers who are using KiotViet to manage orders and invoices for traditional sales channels, they will not be able to simultaneously manage orders from other online sales channels such as Shopee, Lazada, … The following article will guide sales of omni-channel combination between KiotViet and Omisell for centralized management from online and offline channels.

Omisell has a full range of features from basic to advanced to help manage product quantity, inventory from multiple sales channels, orders, bill of lading code … Connecting to KiotViet helps sellers to centrally manage inventory and orders from exact online and offline channels. Specifically, when customers are using KiotViet, which is a platform to manage orders from multiple sales channels, we will support synchronizing orders from other online channels (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, …) to the KiotViet.

To do this, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Install KiotViet Sync

Connect the KiotViet shop that wants to synchronize with Omisell

Step 2: Pull the product from KiotViet to Omisell

Note: Products from KiotViet that are not on Omisell will be created with an SKU with the same SKU on KiotViet.

Step 3: Synchronize products from Omisell to KiotViet

You need to install KiotViet Sync application in our application store. This application provides an option to synchronize orders from other sales channels to the KiotViet order management system.

As mentioned above, connecting to KiotViet will help synchronize sales data on channels from Omisell to Kiotviet. You can track the combined sales with the retail channel concentrated on KiotViet, while selling on all online channels with a single platform.

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