The Promotion/Flash Sales application will help you create Flash Sale programs – discounts in certain time frames, which help your business:

  • Increase the number of visits
  • Push inventory
  • Increase sale revenue

To create Promotions and Flash Sale programs, you need to install the Promotion/Flash Sale application.

Create a Flash Sale

In the main interface of the application, select Flash Sale >> Create Flash Sale

In the newly transferred interface, select and fill in the necessary information in the table and select Create Flash Sale


  • The minimum Flash Sale time frame is 30 minutes
  • Shops applying the Flash Sale program are shops in the list of sales platforms (Haravan, Shopify, …) Not applicable to shops on e-commerce floors and retail shops, social networks
  • You must choose a shop that applies Flash Sale first before you can choose a product that applies Flash Sale

Create a collection

Collection creation in the Promotions/Flash Sale app is to group products with similar characteristics together to easily create promotions for that product group to match advertising campaigns. For example, promotion of all autumn and winter products, or all children’s products,…

To create a collection, go to the Promotions/Combo app and then the Collections section. At the newly opened interface, click the Create Collection.

In the newly opened window, enter the collection name, the applicable store, and select the products to add to the collection in that store. When clicking on a product in the search bar, click the save button to add the product to the list

After selecting those products, select save to save the collection. The newly created collection name will be displayed outside the Collections view

Create a Promotion

This section will allow you to create promotions in 4 ways: by product, by collection, by total invoice value, and by the form of payment. So that when you have an order on sale channels ( Shopee, Lazada, ..) that you have just finished running the promotion, the synchronous order will follow your campaign to automatically reduce the product price and combine the combo to match – -> from which to calculate the profit of the order.
To create a promotion, you choose to go to Promotion/Combo application (Promotion/Gift) -> Select item** Promotion**
Then select “Create Promotion”

Here you enter the information according to the promotion that you are running on the sales channels: Time of application, type of promotion, store/product for which the promotion is applied,…
In item 2 of the table is a form of promotion you can choose: Free product, cash discount, or discount as a percentage of the product value.
Note: When choosing to give away more products, the products included with the promotional products must be in the same store.

After filling in the information about the promotion, select “Create gift” to save it. The created promotions will be displayed at the Promotions interface in the application.

Post a promotion

At the list of promotions, select the promotion you want to start and then select “Create gift” to start the promotion. The posting of this promotion is only applicable to shops from e-commerce sales channels and sales platforms. As for the selling channel of social networks and retail, it is only declarative for convenience later on. The application of promotions on social media and retail channels must be done manually without going through the Omisell system.

Edit promotion

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