In February, Omisell upgraded a number of applications to help manage distributors and applications to help chat from a variety of channels.

1. DMS

Distributor management software allows you to keep track of inventory, create B2B orders, and distribute goods to each distributor. The following are some of the highlights of the DMS system:

  • Allows you to import multiple goods from different sources.
  • Suppliers determine appropriate pricing for each distributor.
  • For each order, update the price discount policy. 
  • For each period, update the cumulative discount policy.

See instructions here!

2. Omichat

The program allows for multi-floor communication in a single application. The following are some of the highlights of the application:

  • Allows you to manage many exchanges from a single interface.
  • Delegating chat management on exchanges to staff

If you encounter any difficulties during the operation, please contact the support channel for the fastest support.