In December, Omisell has updated with some advanced warehouse management features to make multi-channel warehouse management more effective, along with additional customer care call center applications and complete overall reports.

1. Advanced Inventory

The application aids in the setup of a advanced inventory management system that allows you to handle multi-point inventory and automatically synchronize inventory.

Features of the application:

  • Depending on the sales volume of each warehouse, products are divided into different warehouses.
  • Multiple products can be added using an Excel file.

See instruction here!

2. Buffer Stock and Additional Stock

Buffer stock is the number of goods that is not part of the original plan of consumption but is stored for use in case of an emergency. This can also be considered as the smallest quantity you want to keep in stock. For example, if you are out of goods but have not replenished in time, this buffer inventory will be used as a part of the inventory.
Additional stock is the number of goods that are preparing to be stocked or able to timely supplement the sales schedule (for example, during sales, promotions, …). Products will only stop selling when the additional inventory quantity is exceeded.

Benefits of these features:

  • In case of an emergency, stock up on supplies.
  • When you run out of stock, keep selling (in case of waiting for new goods to be imported)

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3. Overview reports

Newly updated sections of the report include:

  • Discount: Amount of the discount applied to all orders placed within the specified time period.
  • Total amount due: Total payment by way of collection, ATM, transfer, etc.
  • Failed Orders: This is the total amount of orders that have failed and need to be handled. To continue shipping or replenishing the merchandise, you can contact the customer.
  • Orders are now unavailable: Total orders are either missing or unavailable. To keep their consumers’ trust, sellers must review and replenish these orders.
  • Products that are now unavailable: The total number of products that are currently out of stock. You can either stop selling or reload in order to keep selling.
  • Products with a low inventory: The total number of products in stock is low (almost out of stock). You can sell till the stock runs out, or you can replenish the stock.
  • Cost of Facebook ads
  • Cost of Google ads
  • Cost of goods: Value of goods when imported

See detailed instruction about Overview report here!

4. Connecting Twilio and Callio

Users of Omisell should have more options for managing customer service call centers. The following are some of the application’s standout features:

  • Calls, SMS, and customer service are all managed by you.
  • Customer communication is two-way, and critical contact information is synchronized.
  • Listen, phone, text, transmit video, video call video are all integrated features.

See instructions here!

If you encounter any difficulties during the operation, please contact the support channel for the fastest support.