In this August, Omisell updated with the following features:

  • Update the Combo creation part
  • Update Application to create Promotion/Flash Sale
  • Add part to create Email, SMS for customer care

These features support Omisell users in push sale sales and customer care to save more time and effort

Update the combo creation part

Previously, the combo creation in the Omisell system would be in the Promotions/Combo application, this new update has brought this feature to the Products on sale section to make it easier for users to find and install.

See details on creating sales combos in the article How to create combos to sell on Omisell

Update the application to create Promotion/Flash Sale

The Promotion/Flash Sale application was developed from the Combo/Promotion application because the Combo creation part has been moved to the product item on sale, so the application has been updated with a Flash Sale sales feature to help users run promotions. Limited time-frame discounts applied on sales platforms (Omisocial, Haravan, Shopify, …)

Create Email, SMS customer care

Omisell has just developed a feature to automatically send email / SMS to notify customers about order status or send SMS / email notifications to a certain customer file.

This feature helps sellers to easily notify customers about order status, increasing customer sympathy for the business unit as well as helping sellers save time and effort in sending notifications to customers.

For example, when a new order is created, the seller can set up an automatic SMS message to notify the customer that the order has been received; or when a business unit wants to notify customers about the shipping situation in a province, it can also apply this method to send mass notifications to customers with orders of sufficient value to enjoy preferential treatment. treat.

See details on how to set up automatically sending emails/SMS to customers here