BoostShopee is an application developed by Omisell that helps you set up a schedule to boost products to the top of the catalog page of Shopee, helping to increase sales. With this app, you won’t need to go to Shopee to boost the product yourself, but it will be set up completely automatically.

To install BoostShopee on Omisell, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Apps++ -> select Boostshopee -> Install App


Step 2: Add products to Boost list

You can boost 5 items per store at the same time every 4 hours. However, you can add more than 5 products per store to the boost list and these products will be in a pending state.


Select a Shopee store, then add the product to the Boost list.


After adding the product, the screen will display a boost list. Select Action -> Setting schedule for the product for which you want to set boost times on Shopee


There is 2 boost type:

– Boost by number of times

– Boost by a fixed schedule

Boost by fixed schedule is that you will set specific boost times (eg 4:00, 8:00, 12:00). Each boost will be 4 hours apart.


Boost by a number of times is the option to boost the product by the number of times a day. For example, if you want to boost 2 times, the product will be boosted 2 times from the time you set up on Omisell. Each boost will be 4 hours apart.


Here is the product list after you have set up Boostshopee:


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