You have a shoe product but there are many models (black, red, size 34 35 36, …), if you put each of these models alone, it will be really difficult to manage such as multiple products on 1 page, each update must be on each product, .. Especially when you want to publish the product on many other sales channels, you will have to do many actions and repeat it many times.

If all are combined into a one product, you will only need to post for sale once, saving a lot of time and effort. So Omisell created a feature to help you Merge products to manage multi-channel selling more easily.

This article will guide you in detail on how to combine/merge many products of the same type into one product with many classifications and models on the Omisell system.

Step 1: Go to Inventory => All products, select the products of the same type that you want to merge, then click the Bulk Action then select Merge products

Step 2: In the newly opened window, you have to set the properties you want to merge into the Code Template form.

– In the Select product main, you can choose any product to be the main product for display purposes and general product information when publishing for sale.

– In Setup attribute, you need to create a Name of the attribute type you want to include products in.

– Then you just need to match the correct model with the corresponding products in Setup variants

Step 3: Edit product information

After you complete the previous step, the product is merged into 1 product. You can go to the Product Warehouse to check. However, after merging, you need to check and edit the product information to match with your wishes.

The information you should review: Product Category, Product Description, Size, Weight and information related to product attributes.

Note: Because product information is taken from the main product, it may happen that the information after merging the products will not display as you want.

After editing, products have been merged into a single product.

Hopefully, this feature can help you to reduce the operations when posting for omni-channel sales, save a lot of effort in operation, and sell easier.

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