In the “Return Handling” app, refund orders will be updated on the app interface.

To cross-check refund orders you can follow the following ways

1. Cross-check for a single-order

At the order you want to cross-check, turn off “Action” >> then turn it back on >> The selected order status will be switched to “Settlement”

2. Cross-check for order in bulk:

Option 1:

Select the orders you want to cross-check in the list >>, and then select “Bulk Action” >> “Bulk cross-check”

Option 2:

In addition to the above, you can cross-check bulk orders by importing excel files. To cross-check, import excel files follow the steps below:
Step 1: Select “Cross-check” >> “Import by Excel”
Step 2: Import cross-check excel files by using sample file

Column “#”: Order number
Column “Order code” : Fill in the refund order code in the list of orders that need cross-check
Column “Shipment code”: Fill in the shipments code of the refund order that need cross-check

Step 3: After importing excel file, the interface changes to a new window, correspond the data to the excel file columns

Step 4: After the data column is matched, select “Search orders.” The system will filter in the list of orders that refund the orders that are in the excel file

Step 5: Select “Cross-check” button to cross-check orders in the excel file. The screen will switch to the main interface with orders in the excel list that match the system changed to “Settlement” status. Orders in excel files that are not in the system will be updated in the “Wrong status” section.

  • Cases where in the excel file, there’s no order matching the list on Omisell system:
  • If you then select “Close” >> system will not save the data of those shipments.
  • If you select “Cross-check” >> The list of shipments in the excel file cross-check for mismatched refunds on Omisell system will be pushed into the “Wrong status” section as shown above.

How to deal with orders that haven’t been cross-check

With some refund orders waiting to be cross-check that haven’t met the requirements, you can cancel the cross-check to note the orders that need to be manage and discuss further with 2 options below:

Stop cross-check for single order

At the order you want to cross-check, turn off cross-check in the “Action” column >> The order will be in a “Waiting for cross-check” status so you have time to verify the information with parties. When you want to cross-check the payments with this order, turn on “Action” column >> The order status will be “Settlement”.

Stop cross-check for bulk orders

Select the orders you want to cross-check in the list >> Then click “Bulk Action” >> Select ” Deselect Bulk cross-check” >> The selected orders will be in a “Waiting to be cross-check” status.