What is Inventory Synchronization on Omisell?

When syncing inventory onto the Omisell system, you will be able to manage all your products in your warehouses. For example, when you have a product with 300 quantities across all sales channels. Automatically all these products will be coordinated from each channel to Omisell. Omisell will manage all products on your sales channels on only a system.

To synchronize product inventory across sales channels for easy management on Omisell you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to “My Store”
Step 2: In the list of connected shops, enable “Sync Inventory”. After this step, the system will automatically synchronize inventory information of the products that have been listed for sale and successfully link the warehouse to the shop.


After syncing inventory, you will be able to manage your all product inventory in “Inventory” -> “All product”

You can see in the following image, the “Onhand” column means the number of all product inventory on “Sale Channel” column, Omisell manages all products from your sales channels.


You can check the detail product inventory in each warehouse as the image below:


If you want to adjust inventory from each sales channels on Omisell, you have to install Advanced Inventory!

Setup Advanced Inventory here!

Step 3: To adjust inventory, follow this instruction