To help the customer understand how Omisell controls the inventory sync and the issue or reason, we inform to the customer of the inventory sync flow.

All inventory will be priority synced in real-time.

Omisell will not sync the following error:

  1. Logic error ( Understock )
  2. Invalid Product (Banned, Deleted,..)
  3. API Error ( 429, 5xx)

Popular error codes ( Omisell will not sync ):

"Inventory item does not have inventory tracking enabled"

"Invalid ID",

"Product not found",

"Invalid SKU",

"product status invalid",

"This product does not exist",

"SKU does not exist",

"Not Found",

"Wrong model_id",

"cannot change status because it's deleted",

"sku id is invalid",

"product status is invalid",

"Shop status doesn't match",

"Sorry, you can't change this information",

"Input item_id and model_id are not matched",

"The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed",

"FBT products don't support update inventory in each warehouse"

"Can't edit this item. item status can not support editing",

"can''t update cause API doesn't support this product"

"This variant does not exist in Sendo",