Selling online is inevitable that you have to receive some refund orders from buyers for many reasons. However, when you are at a large scale, this is not easy to control closely. We will introduce you to the process and how to use the Omisell system to control and reconcile refund orders.

Go through the refund receipt process on the Return Handling app

  • All return orders are recorded in this application by the system, you can track the order that is in the process of being refunded and completed successfully.
  • When you receive a refund package from the carrier, you need to make a list of these refund orders on the system, then print a record for the shipping partner to sign and receive, and the system also records the shipping codes. The application has been successfully received and is waiting for the actual check.
  • You Refund to check each order and record the actual quantity received for each order, the number of damaged goods if any.
  • When you confirm the number of products for each order, the system will automatically add the corresponding inventory for these products.

For customers who are managing inventory at partner warehouses or using other 3rd party software to manage inventory

  • When you confirm receipt of refund on Omisell, the system will record the invoice or refund order on the partner’s system, the inventory on the partner’s system also increases corresponding to the refund order information.
  • When you actually check and detect the difference from the original order, you need to make an inventory adjustment record to make it on the 3rd party’s system.
  • In case you use Boxme warehouse, you do not need to do the above steps because Boxme system will record and adjust inventory automatically according to reality. You can view these reports on the Boxme & Omisell.