According to Lazada regulations, sellers need to comply with the time of update status to ensure the best delivery commitment and experience of buyers on the platform. In case the seller does not guarantee this commitment, Lazada will affect Daily Order Volume Limit (OVL) or Package Not Ready (PNR).

  1. Be sure to consider carefully before canceling the order, the Seller may have an OVL if the cancellation rate is too high.
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  2. Select “Ready to ship” only when the seller has packed and ready to ship, sellers with a high rate of pending orders will receive maximum 6 violation points, depending on the level of violation.
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In order to help sellers keep their commitment to operate on Lazada, we build the following features to ensure operability for sellers on the platform:

  1. When the order is synchronized to Omisell system, the order status on Lazada will be pending.
  1. Sellers can create bill of lading on Omisell to process orders (or the system automatically creates bill of lading based on configuration). Omisell system will implement the shipping label for the bill of lading. The order status on the platformm will then be Generated Label.
  1. The vendor creates a packing list on Omisell system, then updates the bill of lading packing status to Generated Label. Then the system will update the status “ Ready to ship ” on Lazada. So you need to create packing lists on Omisell to help you manage the entire status of orders to be packed, accurately recording the time of completing packing with the platform.
  1. When Lazada’s carrier arrives to pick up the goods (you bring the goods to a drop-off point), the vendor creates a disspatch list to record the orders delivered to Lazada’s carrier.

Note: You need to complete the packaging of the orders and deliver them to the carrier within 48 hours of the order arising. Past the deadline on the application may be canceled and charged to OVL and incur penalty charges from Lazada.

For our customers using Boxme’s Fulfillment service, we also do the same process (which has changed from before). Only when the order is successfully packed at the warehouse, the system will update the status “ Ready to ship ” on Lazada.