Import orders from Google Sheets when you sync orders from the sales channel.

1. Prepare an order file in Google Sheets

Create a Google Sheets file in a form here.

Fill out all required fields except ** Status column **.

Authorize access this Google Sheets file to Account: [email protected] by clicking the “Share” button

Then select “Done” to complete the sharing

You just need to sync orders from Google Sheet once to email: [email protected]
The following synchronizations just need to add order information on Sheet >> Manage imported files -> select imported Sheet name -> choose Sync file

SKU Products in the Google Sheets file must be SKUs that are already in Omisell. In case of entering a new SKU code, you need to add it according to the instructions of Add product

2. Sync orders from Google Sheets

Sync orders from Google Sheets for the first time

Go to Orders, select “Add Order” >> “Import Orders in Google Sheets”.

The first time you sync an order using Google Sheets, select “Sync from new Google Sheets file” >> Click “Sync Now

In the new window, select the type of shop that generates orders that you want to sync and paste the link of the newly created Google Sheets file. Then choose “Sync Now”.

In the next step, you need to link the information in the columns of Google Sheet and choose the time to automatically update information from this file according to the following milestones: “Every 30 minutes”, “Every hour”, “Daily” depending on your own needs.

Select the column name in Google Sheets associated with the corresponding content in the table, then click “Preview”.

The system will display a list of orders in the Google Sheets file you just entered in the “Preview” section to check whether there were errors while linking the content. Finally, select “Import Orders” to complete the order sync process from Google Sheets.

Sync the following order from the imported Google Sheets file

After the “Orders” steps >> “Add Orders” >> “Import Google Sheets”, select “Go to List” to update new orders from imported Google Sheets files.

Select the Google Sheets file name and store name you want to update from the list of synchronized files, edit the information on the imported Google Sheets file. After editing that Google Sheets file, return and click “Sync Now” button to update the order.

Do not fill the Status column in new orders are updated in Google Sheet files. When the order is synchronized on Omisell, the status will be automatically changed to “Created” like in the sample file.

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