Import forecast is a support feature that helps sellers to easily plan the import of goods based on sales history.

For example, you plan to import goods to stock up for sale within 1 month or half a year, this feature will help you have a better overview of sales data and data of goods in stock and suggest the quantity of goods to be imported.

To use this feature, at the Omisell interface, select Overview >> Report >> In the Product Warehouse, select Forecast of goods.

At the import forecast interface, you choose filters for time, store name, warehouse or brand and choose the number of days you want to view the sales forecast.

After selecting the filter, the forecasted data will be displayed in a table as shown in the image below.

In the table will display the following information:

  • Quantity Sold: Number of products sold during the period selected
  • Stock: Current amount of remaining inventory
  • Stock Threshold: The minimum inventory you have set according to the quantity in the out of stock alert
  • AVG Sold Per Day: Average number of items sold per day for the period selected on the search filter
  • Estimated Quantity Sold/ ... Day: The estimated quantity of product that will be needed for the number of estimated days, is calculated by the formula:

Average sold days * Estimated number of days to import

  • Estimate Purchase Quantity: Suggested quantity of goods to be imported to match the estimated number of days to be imported and the number of goods in stock
  • ETA of Purchase: The time you want to make an estimate of goods in stock.
  • Estimate Sold Out Days: Expected number of days to sell out of the current stock of goods
  • Lost Sales: Sales will be lost based on arrival time and expected out-of-stock period.

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