The Inventory Management feature on Omisell not only helps you manage multi-channel and multi-warehouse inventory but also assists you in solving problems such as continuing to post for sale even if you have not yet replenished goods during the sale. , classifying inventory for each sales channel, storing goods in the warehouse, etc. will all be manipulated on Omisell.

Synchronize inventory

Inventory synchronization means that the Omisell system will implicitly synchronize information about the inventory of products that have been posted for sale on sales channels and update information about the amount of inventory in stock to successfully affiliated shops.

To synchronize product inventory across sales channels for easy management on Omisell, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Select “My Store”

Step 2: In the list of connected shops, turn on inventory syncing in shops. After performing this step, the system will implicitly synchronize information about the inventory of the products that have been posted for sale and successfully linked the warehouse to the shops.

Inventory adjustment

Updating inventory adjustments is an important step in helping you manage your inventory. This step applies to products that have been added and linked to inventory on Omisell.

Advanced Inventory

After you have installed Advanced Inventory, the next thing to do is set-up Advanced Inventory to start shop-based inventory allocation. This will ensure the amount of inventory will be real-time synced and when participating in promotional campaigns on the platform.

Option 1: Add product one-by-one

Step 1: Go to “Advanced Inventory” app -> “Setting advanced inventory”

Step 2: Select the warehouse, products in stock that you want to participate in the promotion, set-up the time of promotion and allocate to the shops as shown below.

Finally, click “Save” to finish, then here is the result.

Option 2: Add multiple products

You can add more products by import file

Step 1: Click “Import file”

Step 2: Download file from Omisell then fill in product information form -> “Upload File”

Form information:

You can check product SKU in “Inventory -> All product”, Store Code in “My Store”

After uploading file on to Omisell, here is the screen:

Finally, click “Save” to finish upload. Then, click “Save” again to create advanced inventory.

Here is the result:

Buffer Stock

Buffer stock is the number of goods that are not originally planned for consumption but are stocked for emergency use. This can also be thought of as the minimum amount of stock you want to keep in stock. For example, if you have sold out of goods but have not yet replenished the goods, this buffer stock will be used as part of the inventory.

After adding buffer inventory, the number of available goods on the sales channel will decrease compared to the original actual inventory, and the reduced quantity will be the same in all Shops associated with this product.

Note: Buffer inventory is often used in big promotions on the platform to avoid overselling and being penalized or reduced by the platform.

To add buffer stock, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to Inventory  -> All Products -> Quick View (eye icon on the right side of the screen)

Step 2: Update stock

Update buffer stock quantity (quantity must be less than actual inventory) -> Save changes

So finished adding Buffer Stock. When you have sold out of stock and have not yet replenished the goods, you can follow the above steps and adjust Buffer Stock, now you can use this goods.

Additional Stock

Additional inventory is the number of goods that can be replenished to keep up with the sales schedule. Usually used when you sign up for promotions but must commit to a minimum amount of inventory with the floor eg (Flash sales, discount golden hour …), while the actual inventory is not committed enough.

When using this configuration, you must combine it with the Continue selling when out of stock option in order for the system to allow you to oversell. If you do not activate the product at the same time, the product will be discontinued/discontinued as soon as the actual stock runs out.

Note: This configuration works independently for each Shop even though the same product is in stock.

For a product that you are preparing to stock or have the ability to replenish in time for sales, add it in this Additional Inventory.

Step 1: Go to Catalogue –> Stock Information 

Step 2: Add the number of products that are about to be stocked, check the “Continue to sell when out of stock” section if you want to continue selling this product while waiting for the goods to be stocked.