After the product has been added to the stock, you need to publish the product to the store.

Go to “Inventory”, select “All products”. In the product category, select “Link to store” in the ** Shop ** column of the product you want to sell.

The screen displays 2 options, to put products in stock on the online shop you want to select “Publish to store”. After clicking on this item, you choose the type of shop you want to put the product on. The screen will display the information. You fill in product information, add pictures, size, weight, and selling price for each product code (Note information when posting must comply with the regulations of each sales channel about the number of words in the product information section. product, image size). Finally, select “Publish to store” to complete. When you see the column “Shop” in the right column of the product with the logo of the seller you selected, it means that the product listing has been successful.

To sell products on many other sale channels, click on the plane icon (Publish) at the end of the line, then select the sales channel and fill in the information as in the above steps.

To update the product’s warehouse synchronization link on online stores, select “Map product”. This option applies to products that have been synchronized from online shops to Omisell but have not yet been linked or synchronized with inventory information.

In the search box, please enter at least 4 characters in the SKU of the product that you want to have inventory into. This step helps you synchronize your product’s inventory across different sales channels. A product in your inventory can be sold on multiple sales channels and different types of shops so you need to link all the products sold in those channels to the product in stock to be able to manage inventory.

Note: For products with many models, you enter the SKU code of each model to link. For products with only one model, enter the SKU code as usual

An example of a multi-channel SKU that needs to be synchronized with inventory: