Participating in promotion strategies in E-commerce platforms is important with any sellers and brands. However, how to control inventory, limit the number of participants with each channel is a challenge.

1. Management mechanism and inventory sync on Omisell

Omisell always uses the product's available to synchronize on all the same channels at the same time.

For combo products, we take the smallest value of the inventory in the combo to synchronize on the same sales channel.

2. Register flash sale and limit the number of promotion products

You have a cosmetic product with an inventory of 100 and register to participate in Flash sale promotion on two platforms: Lazada and Shopee. You need to provide a minimum quantity of 50 for Shopee and 30 for Lazada. So you can use 2 methods to configure it as follows:

Method 1: Setup inventory on 2 sales channels and stop syncing inventory from Omisell and configure Buffer Inventory as 80 for products. Thus, the inventory of the sales channel is managed on its own and the system also blocks 80 products for sale in other channels.

Setup Buffer stock: Select Inventory >> Adjust inventory >> Buffer stock then click Save.

Method 2: Configure advanced inventory and distribute this inventory to 2 channels using the Advanced Inventory. This method does not apply to Combo/Bundle products.

Instruction Set-up Advanced Inventory here.

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