Hiding product labels in shipping labels often applies to sensitive privacy products that customers do not want others to see when receiving goods.

To meet this customer's needs, Omisell has the feature of masking the product name in the shipping label, helping the sellers make a better impression in the customer's eyes.

To use this feature, the seller click Settings >> Printing Settings

At the newly opened interface, depending on the product's types to select a way to cover the product name:

Case 1: All the products you are selling are private products that need to be hided (for example specializing in lingerie, sex products, ..)

In this case you can use the option Hide full product name

Case 2: When you sell a variety of products and only a few private products need to be hided
In this case you can use the Hide by sensitive phrase feature. Fill in the sensitive word to hide the product name.

Note: The feature currently only covers the product name word-by-word, it means only hide one word. Therefore, if you want to hide more than one word or one phrase, you need to separate word by word to hide each word so that the product name is completely hidden:
For example, the phrase you want to hide is: sensitive products, you need to fill in each word separately: sensitive, products, so that the product name is completely hided.

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