After the order is "Create shipments" in the Orders, you can select Shipments to track and manage your delivery such as:
Look up shipments code
Shipping status of orders

Update shipments

With shipments from the E-commerce platforms, you need to select  "Sync status of shipment" to update the shipping status of that shipment.

When the order information is changed, you need to select  Resync shipping label and Resync invoice before printing shipping label and invoice to updated information correctly.

For orders from other sales channels, you need to manually update the shipments status by selecting Update shipment. In the newly opened window, update Courier tracking code, shipping fee and status of shipments.

In addition, the Change Courier can be used when the shipments has a change in shipping brands.

Note: The update status of the shipment is to default to "Shipped", in case the shipment has other problems such as needing to be returned , canceled, etc., you can also update the other status.

Other shipments management bulk actions

Print shipment label
Step 1: Tick select the order to print
Step 2: Click on Bulk Action

Step 3: Click Print label selected shipments

Step 4 : Click Print to complete.

Cancel the Shipments
Note: Cancellation of the bill of lading can only be done when the order has not been delivered to the carrier. Once the order has been delivered to the carrier in a state of delivery, it cannot be canceled.

Step 1: Tick the order you want to cancel the shipments
Step 2: Click on the 3 dots button and select Cancel

Step 3: In the newly opened window, select Cancel shipments to complete.

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