Before creating a bundle, you are required to sync all products from (e-commerce and sales) platforms first, then you can link to the products inventories because when the order is synced from the platforms, only then Omisell would notice the bundle (multiple products in order) and hence Omisell can adjust inventories accordingly.

After you have installed the app, you need to follow these steps to create a bundle

Step 1: Select Catalogue >> Publish new product

Step 2: Choose the Shopping Platform to Create/Publish product bundle then click Next

Step 3: In the Product Information section, fill in information about the bundle (image, price, size, weight, ...)

After completing the bundle information, select the Map Product

Step 4: Select the products you want in the bundle, then back to Product Information >> Publish to store.

Note: the products selected to create bundle must be products that have been published for sale on the sales channel which create bundle

In case there is a bundle available on the online shop and sync to Omisell
If before using Omisell you already have a bundle on online shops, e-commerce platforms but do not want to delete and create another bundle, you can sync that bundle product to Omisell and then link with other products on Omisell to complete.

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