Canceling an order seems like a simple action, but when operating omnichannel sales, you need to learn the sales policy of each channel to make the correct decisions.

You can cancel an order on Omisell and keep the order status on the sales channel

This is done when you want to synchronize the order information on the sales channel to Omisell after editing the orders in the sales channel.

Cancel orders on Omisell & cancel both orders on sales channels

You can do this right on Omisell with an option right on the cancellation confirmation screen.

You do this when the goods are out of stock, or the buyer cancels the order… However, some exchanges will calculate this cancellation rate to credit the seller’s reputation. You need to limit non-buyer reasons to maintain sales and brand credibility.

Cancel the order and cancel the bill of lading being processed

This happens when you see that there is a risk in continuing to fulfill this order to the buyer. However, you should note that this cancellation requires a full check of the status of the bill of lading being processed.

If you follow the correct packaging process on Omisell, when canceling an order or bill of lading, when packing or handing over the goods, we will notify you to stop delivering this order to the shipping partner. In case you do it incorrectly, the order can be delivered to the buyer without the system being able to stop it.

The system will notify you whether the cancellation is successful or not as soon as you do it.