Omisell Guidelines

Follow the steps below to start using Omisell to manage omnichannel sales quickly
and refer to the detailed tutorial articles below
to help you in the process of using Omisell

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Connect to sales channels

Connect your sales channels on Shopify, Woocommerce or e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,… to automatically synchronize products and orders.

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Add new or sync products

After you’ve connected your sales channels to Omisell, you’ll need to declare your products in Omisell warehouse so you can manage your multi-channel warehouse.

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Connect to shipping carrier

Connect a carrier to Omisell will help create orders directly from Omisell through the carrier’s system. Synchronized system, easier to manage and control orders quickly and accurately.

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Sync orders

You must sync information from the sales channels to Omisell in order for Omisell to completely count your orders on the channels. ​

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Detailed and complete instructions for each basic feature of Omisell.

Overview of Omisell​

Guide to use the most basic features of Omisell so that users can operate sales channels easily.

Basic Features Guide

A simple guide to creating a sales page, setting up a flash sale program, and easily sharing social media channels.

Integrated Apps

Quickly update the user guide of the new
features on Omisell.

More instructions

Details of Omisell’s apps, including basic
apps and newly updated apps.


Omisocial is an application that helps to create a free sales page and has features to run Flash Sale campaigns.


Omichat, an application owned by Omisell, enables users to easily manage chat tabs that are connected with Omisell user’ account on e-commerce marketplaces

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