Omisell is a multi-channel management platform with the purpose of optimizing sellers’ operations. Omisell is created to solve inventory problems, manage multi-channel sales (online & offline), operations, shipping, etc.

Especially, Omisell integrates with hundreds of reputable partners in the Southeast Asia region to provide the most advanced solution, assisting sellers to manage their business on a single platform.

How can Omisell help sellers?

Multi-channel integration: Sellers can manage all orders from e-commerce platforms, retailers to offline stores using Omisell.
How to connect to sales channels:

Inventory management: Omisell system helps you to manage inventory multi-channel and multi-warehouse, ensuring real-time update anytime an order is placed to avoid the risk of dead stock and out of stock.
How to sync and manage inventory:

Order management: Process large quantities of orders with bulk update & print actions. All orders are automatically synced every 10 minutes to provide the fastest fulfilment to buyers.
How to sync and manage orders:
How to create shipment:

Payment: Partnering with international payment portals such as Stripe, Paypal, mPoS, etc., Omisell simplifies the payment and money flow tracking process.
How to review your subscription and make payment:

Who is suitable

Multi-channel sellers: Any merchants selling on more than one sales channels (both online and offline) can use Omisell to easily manage their businesses.
Merchants with a large number of daily orders. Omisell helps sellers streamline the operational to better control inventory, manage orders and shipments to save time and human resources.

Ask us a question

If you have any questions about Omisell, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support! Omisell is always eager to hear from our customers to perfect our system as one of the best management platforms for multichannel sellers.

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