Twilio is a phone and SMS service that provides communication solutions for businesses. Twilio is in the top 10 of popular cloud-based applications over the years. It allows software developers to make and receive phone calls, as well as send and receive text messages using web APIs services.

Integrate Omisell with Twilio can help you manage calls, SMS and customer service easily. This integration is the perfect way to maintain two-way communication with customers and synchronize important contact information. The features of Twilio include: listen, call, SMS, send video, video call.

Service fee
Twilio doesn't necessary charge users to use its service, the customer using which service will pay for that service and it also depends on the country. See price list of Twilio services here!

To integrate Twilio, you first need a Twilio account
Login into this website:
If you do not have an account, register here.

Connect Twilio on Omisell settings
Go to Setting --> Call Center Provider. Here, select Twilio to connect

The screen will then display the required information that you need to fill.

Complete the required information

You need to fill in the required fields on Omisell to integrate Twilio application into the system.
You need to log into your Twilio account to get the information that Omisell requires.

If you want to connect to Twilio to make international calls, you will have to contact Twilio to register, purchase a sim and connect to Omisell. After purchasing the sim successfully, go to Omisell to configure Twilio call center.

- Steps to install Twilio on Omisell:

Step 1: Log into your Twilio account, click on the house icon => "**Dashboard**" to get "**Account SID**" and "**Caller ID**: phone number provided by the system."

Step 2: Get "App SID" click on the 3 dots (All Products & Services) => Programmable voice => TwiML => TwiML apps => Name the app => Click on app name => get SID code

Step 3: Get "API Key": Click on the icon of the house => Settings => API Key => get the code

Make a call on Omisell

Once connected successfully, you can start making calls on each of your orders on Omisell system.
Click on the receiver's name, in the Phone section, there is a phone icon. Click on it to perform a call.

Note: Please install the necessary information on Twilio, contact support to be able to complete the calling function.
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