Telesale application helps you to manage and track your Telesale sales consultant team. With the Telesale app you can:
Manage potential customers and order closing process
Optimize order closing rate from telesales
Detailed analysis report on the closing rate of orders and revenue
Direct connection with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system
Setting KPI for each team, telesales employees

With this application, you can manage hundreds of telesales employees simply and completely automatically.

1. Telesale installation

To use Telesale app, go to "Browse app", select install "Telesale" app, refer to this instruction

2. Setting up team and telesales employees manangement

To add Telesale employees, you need to go to "Setting" --> "Employee management"

Here, you click "Add employee" and fill in the required information

After adding staff, you can create a team for each team in Telesale as you are currently managing.
To create a team, select "Team management" --> "Add team". Then fill in your team name and code.

3. Apply KPI for telesales employees and teams

After you have the information about telesales employees, you can choose to assign each employee / team according to your own requirements.

And then add KPI for employees / teams to have an assessment of performance, as well as to make salary and bonus regulations easier

4. Tracking results reports and optimizing order closing rates

With a manager, you can easily track whether your employees are working effectively, high / low rate of closing orders to have appropriate policies to help increase sales

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