Omisell features overview gives you comprehensive view of the features that Omisell can optimizes your business for when you are omnichannel selling.

Step 1: Create account

Login with your existed Boxme account or create new account at

Step 2: Configure personal account: Warehouse, Shipping Method, Staff configuration,...

Guideline: Instruction to configure personal account

Step 3: Create product on Omisell

Manually add new product or sync products from sales channels

Guideline: Instruction to add product

Step 4: Update and Manage Inventory

Update and manage inventory to each sales channel.

Guideline: Instruction to update and manage inventory

Step 5: Connect Shop

Connect to your retail shop or e-commerce platforms.

Guideline: Instruction to connect shop

Step 6: List Product

Guideline: Instruction to publish product

Step 7: Sync and manage order

Sync and manage orders from your all sales channels

Guideline: Instruction to sync and manage order

Step 8: Track report

Guideline: Instruction to track report
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