With a vendor with high numbers of employees with different role, you will need to add them into Omisell system to assign permissions to your employees.

To authorize your staff to use Omisell, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to "Settings"
Step 2: Select "Staff Management"
Step 3: Select "Add New"
Step 4: In the new window, enter the staff's email address, phone number and assigned role (Manager or Staff)

Step 5: After filling in staff information, select "Add". We will send an invitation to the staff and notify you when the message is sent successfully. The staff need to log into the authorized email for the invitation and set the password for the Omisell account.

Note: When the staff receive confirmation email, there will be 2 cases:
Employee who has not registered an Omisell account: The system will ask the employee to enter a new password to create an Omisell account for the employee.
Employee who already has an account on Omisell: The system will require employees to enter a login password to complete.
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