Omisell builds an overview page to help you have an overview of your business. So that, Omisell recommends reasonable business strategies for you.
In the "Dashboard" section, you will see the following display.

To view the overview report on Omisell, you need to select the time to get the correct data.
Meaning of the reports:

In the 'Revenue' table, Omisell displays a graph of sales by amount and total number of successful orders during the selected time.

Total orders between the selected time and the previous time

"Top Product"

Statistics in table of orders by each product and corresponding sales by the number of orders generated by the timeline you choose. Based on the table you can see during the time of report, which products are best selling and which products are less sold to adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

"Top Location"

A list of orders generated during the selected time and the corresponding sales of warehouses. This report can help you get a good grasp of the sales funnel.

"Top Stores"

The table displays the number of orders generated and the corresponding sales in each online store and physical store. The report helps you to understand the sales effectiveness of each channel and also the geographic location of which store has advantages over the other stores.

"Top Employees"

When you manage many telesale employees via Omisell, this table will help you to define the revenue and the number of orders that telesale employees sell during the reporting timeline. This table allows you to evaluate employees' competencies to have appropriate rewarding and training programs.
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