When adding products, you may encounter a few common errors as follows, let's solve your problems with Omisell!

Synchronising products from e-commerce platforms but not in inventory on Omisell

Go to "Inventory" --> "All product"
Then, select "New Product" --> "Import from stores" --> Sync products from store and create products into inventory

Synchronising products from e-commerce platforms but inventory on Omisell is 0

Go to "Inventory" --> "Adjust inventory" --> Select vendor --> Add products
Refer to this instruction to adjust inventory.

Changing selling price on Shopee but it doesn't change on Omisell

Synchronise the product once again from the store, then go to All product

Change inventory in e-commerce platforms but doesn't connect back to Omisell

You must use Boxme Fullfilment service, or on platforms like Tiki, Lazada.
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