DMS is an application developed by Omisell that makes it easy for sellers to register as distributors of Omisell authorized vendors. DMS helps you get more quality goods when doing multi-channel business. Besides, it will help suppliers to have more retail distributors, manage exact purchase orders on the same system.

DMS manual for distributors

First, you need to create an account at Once signed in, you add a Vendor to your Omisell account, and this will need to wait for the vendor to approve your request before you can act as a distributor.

Step 1: Go to Inventory -> Vendor Management -> Add vendor

Step 2: Fill in the required information

Note: Omisell Vendor Selection - this is an Omisell authenticated vendor. After that, you will have to wait for this vendor to confirm as their distributor.

Step 3: Synchronize products from vendors. This step is considered optional listing products from vendors.

Note: When a distributor adds a vendor's product to the inventory, the Omisell generates a different SKU from the vendor's SKU.

After this step, you will need to wait for the vendor to approve the request to become a distributor. When the vendor has approved, it will have the words Verified as shown below

Once approved as a distributor, you need to create a purchase order to import the goods back to your warehouse.

Go to Inventory -> Purchase Management -> Create purchase -> Fill in the required information

After making an order, the sales department will reconfirm with the distributor the product, quantity and amount to be paid.

DMS manual for vendors

Vendor login into their account on Omisell at, then go to Apps++ -> select DMS then log in through Omisell.

When accessing the DMS app, the vendor will see a number of distributors waiting for approval to join the network. ”The Vendor has the right to Accept or Decline.

Set up a discount policy

Once accepted, the vendor executes the Discount Policy at -> Select Discount Policy -> Add Discount Policy

There are two discount policies: "Discount according to the value of each order" or "Discount according to the accumulated value for each period".

Discount on the value of each order is the discount calculated according to the value of each order.

Accumulated discount for each period is the discount that will be calculated based on the cumulative order value by period (month, quarter, year).

Set up employee rights

The vendor establishes permissions for employees to manage distributors. Employees will be set as an employee or manage according to the supplier's arrangement to customize the functions on the system.

Step 1: Go to Configuration -> Employees -> Add employee -> Select the employee's email and the position you want to assign.

Step 2: Manage distributors
In this step, you will select employees to manage for the distributor

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