Connect Omisell to KiotViet helps sellers to centrally manage inventory and orders from online and offline channels accurately. Specifically, when customers are using KiotViet, which is a platform to manage orders from multiple sales channels, Omisell will help synchronize orders from other online channels (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, ...) to KiotViet.

Step 1: Connect to your KiotViet store

First, you need to visit, go to My Store -> select KiotViet

It is necessary to link the pickup address and select to synchronize inventory and orders, and automatically create shipments to update sales status on the newly connected shops on Omisell.

Step 2: Synchronize product from KiotViet to Omisell

Go to Inventory -> All product -> Create new product -> Import from stores

In this step you will synchronize products from KiotViet to Omisell system.

Choose your method to import products:

- Import from stores only: If you choose this method, the products will be updated at "Catalogue" -> "Not yet linked"

- Import product from the store & create new inventory SKU: If you select this method, the product will be synchronized both in inventory and a list of products for sale. Product list will update in both "Inventory" and "Catalogue" >> "Linked"

- Import products from store and create/overwrite product by SKU: The system will synchronize products from your Shop and update / create new products in inventory. Information is allowed to update: photo, description, size, weight

Step 3: Sync orders from Omisell to KiotViet

To synchronize orders from Omisell to KiotViet, you need to install KiotViet Sync application on Omisell application store. Go to Apps++ -> KiotViet Sync

After the installation is complete, select the KiotViet shop that you are connected to and the option to enable sync as shown below:

After you have granted the sync permission for the shop, you are still in the KiotViet Sync application and synchronize your order from Omisell to KiotViet, click on Sync order to KiotViet

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