Botlive is a social media tool that allows sellers to automatically create orders via livestream, allowing them to close transactions rapidly and receive order details.

Botlive functions similarly to a traditional sales channel. Connecting Botlive and Omisell will allow vendors to receive order information from Livestream directly into Omisell, allowing them to manage all orders from centralized sales channels in one place.

Sellers merely need to upload products from Omisell to Botlive, and the Botlive system will recognize them right away.

Botlive Installation

Link to install Botlive (IOS) (Android)

Link Botlive to Omisell

Step 1: My Store -> Shopping Platform -> Botlive

Turn on "Sync Inventory" and "Sync Order"

Step 2: Publish products onto Botlive

Select the product you want to sell in the livestream to post it on the Botlive channel.

On the merchant's linked Botlive account, the seller will automatically receive product information (Product Price, Product Name, Product SKU)

Then, you set up your own product code for your livestream and how to create orders for shoppers (eg Product code, Phone number). When someone comments on the livestream according to the structure you have chosen, the order will be automatically created.

Sync Orders from Botlive to Omisell

When the Botlive receives the order, you need to go to Omisell to synchronize the normal order similar to other sales channels.

Go to Orders -> Add Orders -> Sync Orders

Choose Botlive channel to sync orders

Then the orders section will show orders from the livestream on the Botlive application.
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