By integrating shipping carriers with Omisell, you can

+ Automatically sync orders from Omisell to shipping courier
+ Easy management on one single system
+ Track and control orders with real-time update

How to integrate shipping carriers

Go to "Settings" >> "Carriers and Shipping" then click "Add New" to select a carrier

Then, select the carrier you want to link in the left column then click "create integration" to connect. Depending on the carrier that will have the option to log into the account or need an Access Token to connect. To obtain a carrier's Token, follow the instructions below:

Add shipping rules
Adding shipping rules helps the system select the rational delivery partner, base on your priority conditions, optimize delivery time and better costs.

To add shipping rules, select the button "Add shipping rules" in the Carriers and Shipping of "Settings"

In the new window, there will be items to fill the shipping rules as shown in the picture. How to fill shipping rules:
Name: Name of the shipping rule you set (ex: Express, Economy, ...)
Store or platform is: The order comes from which channel of sale
Destination country is: Area of ​​receiving goods (After entering the country name, there will be a tab to select the destination province / city of that country to choose)
Sort couriers by: There are 3 options: Recommended, Fastest and Cheapest, depending on what conditions you want to choose
Carrier Priority: Similar to the above item, depending on the conditions you set out to choose the right carrier.

You can refer to an example of shipping priority as in the photo below:

After adding a carrier, you need to link the currently associated pick up address of the shipping item with the Omisell warehouse address, so that the system defines how the orders are imported from which channels to manage inventory more accurate.
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