Callio - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with integrated smart call system.
Multi-channel Private Branch Exchange (PBX) allows businesses to communicate with customers through Voice Call - Email - SMS - Social networks on a single platform, and CRM is available to help manage all sales and customer service activities of the business.
Currently, Callio is giving users 14 days of free use. At the end of the trial period, Callio's price is cheap compared to the Vietnamese market from only 50,000 VND / user.

Connect Callio
To integrate with Callio, you first need to have a Callio account.
Login into the website:
If you do not have an account, register there.

Connect Callio on Omisell settings
You need to go to "Setting" --> "Call Center Provider". Here, you can choose to connect Callio.

The screen will then display the required information that you need to fill.

Complete the required information

You need to fill in the required fields on Omisell to integrate Callio into the system.
On Callio website, go to "Setting" section

To get the Token code, you need to access the Integrations section, press the + sign to add a new code. Once you have the code, copy the line and paste it into Omisell settings

For other information, go to the User Accounts section.

Select the edit icon. Here you will get information:

Make a call on Omisell

Once connected successfully, you can start making calls on each of your orders on Omisell system.
Click the mouse on the receiver's name, in the Phone section, there is a phone icon. Click on it to perform a call

Note: Please install the necessary information on Callio, contact support to be able to complete the calling function
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