Botbanhang application helps with chatbot installation on your sales channles according to your sales scenario you give to optimize customer care and closing orders.

To connect Omisell to Botbanhang, you need to first login via Facebook.

Login via Facebook on Botbanhang

Go to, and click "Login" on the top right corner of the page

Select "Login via Facebook"

Select the Facebook page that you want to connect and click "Next"

Click "Add Page" to start synchronize messages and other information from Facebook to Botbanhang

Connect Omisell to Botbanhang

Link to Omisell Extension here!
Next, click on "Inbox" for the page that you want to create an order

Select “Custom widgets” on the top right corner of the page, click “Add app” then “Browse app”

Click on the Omisell app, select “Install now” and choose which page you want to Omisell to be on

Select “Agree” to allow Omisell to have access to your page

Then choose your settings for Omisell interface in Botbanhang

Click “Grant Permission” to complete this process

Creating an order

Select “Chatbox” in the System section to return to your chat box

Choose a channel, then fill in the required information (Customer’s name, phone number, address and the product), then select Create order (F9)

You have successfully created an order using Botbanhang.
Next, the order tracking number will display on the right-hand side of the page after clicking "Ok"

To confirm that the order has been created, go to Omisell page, click “Orders”, and the order should be on top.

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