Go to "Inventory", click "New product" >> "Create product"

The system will switch to the product information page as shown below. Fill out the required information.

To see how to add multiple products to the system at a time, please see [Bulk add products from Excel file] (https://help.omisell.com/en/article/add-multiple-products-using-excel-file-yti59u/)

Some note:
Product SKU: No required, if you don't set a SKU for your product, the system will create your own default SKU for that product.
Product photos: Maximum 5 photos allowed
Product Description: The content of this product description may be customized when posting on different sales channels due to character limitation.
Product Classification: Adding a classification of your goods gives buyers more choices. If you need more than 1 category, click "Add attribute" to add a category of goods.
With a list of technology products such as cameras, computer phones, there will be an option to add "Manage Serial / IMEI" to facilitate warranty monitoring and return to customers. Depending on the nature of the product and the mode of your store and storage unit, choose to enable or disable this item accordingly.

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