Have you passed the time to try Omisell products and decide to use this system for a long time to come, but are still confused about choosing the right service package for your business model? This is the article for you.

Omisell’s service packages have 4 basic differences that you need to keep in mind that are: Number of connection booths, Number of advanced applications used, technical support response time, and the number of countries applied. use (essential for multinational sellers).

Based on these 4 criteria, Omisell’s customers can choose the appropriate service package based on their needs.

Individual Package

As the name suggests, this service package is usually registered by individual retail salespeople to manage omnichannel sales.

The number of sales channels is less than 5 – Connect up to 5 stores – Only applicable in 1 country.

Advanced applications integrated in this service package include: Omichat, OmiPhoto, Advanced Inventory, Combo Creation, Return Handling. Support response time within 48 hours of receiving the request.

In addition to the sales channel element, based on the supported applications, this service package is suitable for the domestic online sales model through e-commerce platforms or selling on the website and the sales model without a direct store and No need for telesales to call to close the order.

The service package responds well to retailers specializing in selling on e-commerce platforms and websites that only need basic applications.

SME Package

In the SME service package, the seller can connect to 10 shops, equivalent to selling up to 10 channels. Advanced applications in the SME package with the Individual service package are added with 2 additional applications: Telesales and POS. The technical support response time is also within 48 hours like the Individual package. Like the Individual package, the SME package is only available in one country.

It is easy to see that the service package is suitable for domestic sales models, in addition to online stores, there is also a telesales team to close orders or a direct store that accepts payments through the POS gateway. This service package is often used by clothing and cosmetic retailers to optimize multi-channel sales management.

Enterprise Package

If you are a multinational seller, you need to consider choosing from this service pack or more when using Omisell. Because of this service package, Omisell will not limit the applicable locations like the two service packages above.

Connect up to 20 stores – Multi-national sales – Integrate up to the maximum number of advanced applications in the system.

The service package is suitable for domestic and international wholesale and retail business models. With this service package, customers will receive technical support within 24 hours of receiving the request.

This is a service package that fully meets the needs of a big brand selling omnichannel products with wholesale and retail needs and a large volume of goods control.

The special thing about this service package is that depending on the characteristics of the customer’s business line, the Omisell system can be customized accordingly so that the business management of the enterprise can operate smoothly…

Services Provider Package

The only difference between this service package compared to the Enterprise service plan is that the number of stores that can be connected to the system is unlimited. Similar to the Enterprise plan, this plan is suitable for large enterprises. However, the scale of businesses using this service package is larger with more than 20 online and brick-and-mortar stores.

This service package, in addition to being suitable for the source of goods to the market, is also suitable for an e-commerce service provider who wants to increase the sales experience for their customers.

Like the Enterprise service package, the Service Provider service package can also be customized to fit the needs of each customer.

Enabler Package

This is the most advanced service package of Omisell, in addition to the utilities of the Service Provider service pack, the package is also prioritized in terms of technical support response time earlier than other packages, only within 2- 8 working hours from receipt of the request.

Service packages are often chosen by businesses that are providing intermediary services to help brands sell to the world, such as Logistics units.

With the priority of quick support time, this service helps units save more time to support their customers, as well as help businesses, have more plus points in added value when providing. more omnichannel selling experience for customers.

Above are 5 service packages of Omisell and the characteristics of each package suitable for different business models. Hopefully, through this article, you have found the right service package for you.